What is Custom Framing?

Custom Framing involves the art of creating a unique frame design for your artwork, photos, and personal keepsakes, to best suit your own individual style and decor.

Is Custom Framing Expensive?

The framing materials that you choose can significantly influence the final cost of your project. We handle a wide variety of material, from inexpensive wooden frames and regular mat boards, to highly ornate gilded frames and conservation material or special textured mat boards. Similarly, the type of glazing chosen also can impact on the final price. Our goal is to always find products that match both your taste AND your budget. 

What is a mat board?

A mat board (or a "mat") is a colored surround, made from paper or cotton border or edge often seen around an image inside a picture frame. Typically, picture framers cut mats from mat board sheets which they stock in many colors; the more popular colors being off-whites, dark greens and black. "Mat" is the typical American name for this material but it's also called a "mount board" in England and "passe-partout" in Europe. Putting mats in a frame is called matting, a term also interchangeable with mat.